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Studio Pick - Silent All These Years

Nubie Best NU Group - What’s Up

Mini Best NU Group - Muppets Take Manhattan

Junior Best NU Group - Anyone

Teen Best NU Group - Silent All These Years

Senior Best NU Group - Time After Time

Overall High Score

NUbie Solo

1st- Wait (Hazel Mackey)

NUbie Group

1st- What’s Up

Mini Solo

2nd- Give It (Emma Reed)

3rd- Let Me Think About It (Ava Weiss)

4th- Poor Unfortunate Souls (MJ Mackey)

4th- You’ve Got the Look (Delaney Ellis)

5th- Lullaby (Mckenna Curry)

8th- In the Pocket (Kennedy Owens)

Mini Duo/Trio

1st- None of Dem (Emma Reed, Ava Weiss, Kensley Jones)

2nd- Slide (Kennedy Owens, Abigail Jones)

Mini Group

1st- Veggies Rock

2nd- Sinkin Soon

Mini Line

1st- She Works Hard For the Money

Mini Extended Line

1st- Muppets Take Manhattan

2nd- Men in Black

Junior Solo

2nd- To Know (Zoua Liebig-Williams)

3rd- She (Olivia Miller)

5th- Must Have Been Love (Madison Pepin)

5th- West Coast (Adelynn Lee)

6th- Watch Me Move (Kensley Jones)

7th- That’s It I’m Crazy (Oona Whitman)

9th- Lovergirl (Liv Taylor)

10th- Freakum Dress (Abigail Jones)

10th- Mission (Grace Pohland)

Junior Duo/Trio

1st- What Have You Done For Me Lately (Adelynn Lee, Zoua Liebig-Williams, Oona Whitman)

Junior Group

1st- Anyone

2nd- Sharp Dressed Man

3rd- Fizz

3rd- Bloom

Junior Line

2nd- All Eyes On Me

Teen Solo

2nd- Minute Man (Makena Bauer)

7th- Sad Day (Autumn Harley)

7th- The Hunter (Gwenna Maldonado)

8th- Breathe & Stop (Larkin Kattness)

Teen Duo/Trio

1st- My Way (Olivia Miller, Kylie Pepin, Jillian Preston)

Teen Group

1st- Silent All These Years

Teen Line

3rd- Vogue

Teen Production

1st- Canned Heat

Senior Solo

7th- So Much Heart (Kylie Pepin)

Senior Group

3rd- Time After Time

High Score By Performance Division

NUbie Ballet

1st- What’s Up

Mini Acro

1st- Men In Black

Mini Ballet

1st- The Ball

Mini Ballroom

1st- Mas Queso

Mini Hip Hop

1st- Veggies Rock

Mini Jazz

1st- Works Hard For the Money

Mini Lyrical

2nd- Summer Sky

Mini Musical Theatre

1st- The Muppets Take Manhattan

Mini Specialty

1st- Sinkin Soon

Mini Tap

1st- What Is Love

Junior Ballet

1st- Je Parle Francais

Junior Ballroom

1st- All Eyes On Me

Junior Contemporary

1st- Anyone

Junior Hip Hop

2nd- Drill em’ Down

Junior Jazz

1st- Fizz

Junior Lyrical

1st- Bloom

Junior Tap

1st- Sharp Dressed Man

Teen Ballet

2nd- Autumn Leaves

Teen Ballroom

1st- Lips

Teen Jazz

2nd- Vogue

Teen Lyrical

1st- Silent All These Years

Teen Specialty

1st- Canned Heat

Teen Tap

1st- Rebirth of Slick

Senior Contemporary

2nd- Time After Time

Senior Jazz

1st- Grown Woman

Scholarship Winners

Mini Breakout Artist Winner

Mckenna Curry

MJ Mackey

Emma Reed

Ava Weiss

Mini Breakout Art Runner-up

Delaney Ellis

Hazel Mackey

Junior Breakout Artist Winner

Adelynn Lee

Zoua Liebig-Williams

Olivia Miller

Grace Pohland

Junior Breakout Artist Runner-up

Madison Pepin

Oona Whitman

Teen Breakout Artist Winner

Makena Bauer

Teen Breakout Artist Runner-up

Larkin Kattness

Senior Breakout Artist Runner-up

Kylie Pepin

Die Hard Dancer

Liv Taylor

Standout In Musical Theater

Kaydence Berry

Standout in Tap

Kennedy Owens

Mackenzie Sims

Standout in Jazz & Contemporary

Autumn Harley

Alyssa Hedin

Laken Jakabosky

Nina Kosuhka

Gwenna Maldonado

Standout in Ballet

Kensley Jones

Brooke Shepard

Liv Taylor

Standout in Hip Hop

Abigail Jones

Kloey Klundt

Lilian Kurth

NUVO Anchorage 2022: Text
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