Studio Pick - Silent All These Years

Nubie Best NU Group - What’s Up

Mini Best NU Group - Muppets Take Manhattan

Junior Best NU Group - Anyone

Teen Best NU Group - Silent All These Years

Senior Best NU Group - Time After Time

Overall High Score

NUbie Solo

1st- Wait (Hazel Mackey)

NUbie Group

1st- What’s Up

Mini Solo

2nd- Give It (Emma Reed)

3rd- Let Me Think About It (Ava Weiss)

4th- Poor Unfortunate Souls (MJ Mackey)

4th- You’ve Got the Look (Delaney Ellis)

5th- Lullaby (Mckenna Curry)

8th- In the Pocket (Kennedy Owens)

Mini Duo/Trio

1st- None of Dem (Emma Reed, Ava Weiss, Kensley Jones)

2nd- Slide (Kennedy Owens, Abigail Jones)

Mini Group

1st- Veggies Rock

2nd- Sinkin Soon

Mini Line

1st- She Works Hard For the Money

Mini Extended Line

1st- Muppets Take Manhattan

2nd- Men in Black

Junior Solo

2nd- To Know (Zoua Liebig-Williams)

3rd- She (Olivia Miller)

5th- Must Have Been Love (Madison Pepin)

5th- West Coast (Adelynn Lee)

6th- Watch Me Move (Kensley Jones)

7th- That’s It I’m Crazy (Oona Whitman)

9th- Lovergirl (Liv Taylor)

10th- Freakum Dress (Abigail Jones)

10th- Mission (Grace Pohland)

Junior Duo/Trio

1st- What Have You Done For Me Lately (Adelynn Lee, Zoua Liebig-Williams, Oona Whitman)

Junior Group

1st- Anyone

2nd- Sharp Dressed Man

3rd- Fizz

3rd- Bloom

Junior Line

2nd- All Eyes On Me

Teen Solo

2nd- Minute Man (Makena Bauer)

7th- Sad Day (Autumn Harley)

7th- The Hunter (Gwenna Maldonado)

8th- Breathe & Stop (Larkin Kattness)

Teen Duo/Trio

1st- My Way (Olivia Miller, Kylie Pepin, Jillian Preston)

Teen Group

1st- Silent All These Years

Teen Line

3rd- Vogue

Teen Production

1st- Canned Heat

Senior Solo

7th- So Much Heart (Kylie Pepin)

Senior Group

3rd- Time After Time

High Score By Performance Division

NUbie Ballet

1st- What’s Up

Mini Acro

1st- Men In Black

Mini Ballet

1st- The Ball

Mini Ballroom

1st- Mas Queso

Mini Hip Hop

1st- Veggies Rock

Mini Jazz

1st- Works Hard For the Money

Mini Lyrical

2nd- Summer Sky

Mini Musical Theatre

1st- The Muppets Take Manhattan

Mini Specialty

1st- Sinkin Soon

Mini Tap

1st- What Is Love

Junior Ballet

1st- Je Parle Francais

Junior Ballroom

1st- All Eyes On Me

Junior Contemporary

1st- Anyone

Junior Hip Hop

2nd- Drill em’ Down

Junior Jazz

1st- Fizz

Junior Lyrical

1st- Bloom

Junior Tap

1st- Sharp Dressed Man

Teen Ballet

2nd- Autumn Leaves

Teen Ballroom

1st- Lips

Teen Jazz

2nd- Vogue

Teen Lyrical

1st- Silent All These Years

Teen Specialty

1st- Canned Heat

Teen Tap

1st- Rebirth of Slick

Senior Contemporary

2nd- Time After Time

Senior Jazz

1st- Grown Woman

Scholarship Winners

Mini Breakout Artist Winner

Mckenna Curry

MJ Mackey

Emma Reed

Ava Weiss

Mini Breakout Art Runner-up

Delaney Ellis

Hazel Mackey

Junior Breakout Artist Winner

Adelynn Lee

Zoua Liebig-Williams

Olivia Miller

Grace Pohland

Junior Breakout Artist Runner-up

Madison Pepin

Oona Whitman

Teen Breakout Artist Winner

Makena Bauer

Teen Breakout Artist Runner-up

Larkin Kattness

Senior Breakout Artist Runner-up

Kylie Pepin

Die Hard Dancer

Liv Taylor

Standout In Musical Theater

Kaydence Berry

Standout in Tap

Kennedy Owens

Mackenzie Sims

Standout in Jazz & Contemporary

Autumn Harley

Alyssa Hedin

Laken Jakabosky

Nina Kosuhka

Gwenna Maldonado

Standout in Ballet

Kensley Jones

Brooke Shepard

Liv Taylor

Standout in Hip Hop

Abigail Jones

Kloey Klundt

Lilian Kurth