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NUVO Anchorage 2019: Gallery


Studio Pick- Sleepwalk

Best NU Groups

NUbie- Cavegirls

Mini- The Sound

Junior- This Thang

Teen- Slow Disco

Senior- Sleepwalk

Overall Awards

NUbie Solo

1st Addisyn Bogh

1st Emma Reed

NUbie Group

1st Stop in the Name of Love

NUbie Line

1st Cavegirls

2nd Little Wing

3rd Pump

NUbie Extended Line

1st On a Boat

Mini Solo

8th Isabella Bogh

Mini Duo/Trio

3rd Dilute (Miley Mckinnon/Olivia Miller)

Mini Group

2nd The Sound

3rd Smile

Junior Solo

4th Makena Bauer

Junior Duo/Trio

3rd Ball (Makena Bauer/Kylie Pepin/Jillian Preston)

Junior Group

3rd Longest Time

Junior Line

2nd This Thang

3rd Clap Clap

Teen Solo

7th Maila Liebig-Williams

8th Kylie Pepin

10th Ashlyn McCubrey

Teen Duo/Trio

2nd Twins (Kimberly Markovich/Tiffany Markovich)

Teen Line

1st Slow Disco

Teen Extended Line

2nd Bohemian Rhapsody

Teen Production

2nd Stairway to Heaven

Senior Solo

4th Taelynn Ritchie

9th Ella Silverman

10th Emily Quepons

10th Josie Crawford

Senior Duo/Trio

2nd End of the World (Josie Crawford/Maila Liebig-Williams/Ella Silverman)

Senior Line

1st Sleepwalk

2nd Boys

3rd Bootywurk

Performance Division Awards

NUbie Acro- 1st Cavegirls

NUbie Ballet- 1st Popcorn

NUbie Hip-Hop- 1st On a Boat

NUbie Jazz- 1st Pump

NUbie Lyrical- 1st Little Wing

NUbie Tap- 1st Stop in the Name of Love

Mini Ballet- 1st Beauty

Mini Contemporary- 1st The Sound

Mini Lyrical- 1st Smile

Junior Contemporary- 3rd The Garden

Junior Hip Hop- 2nd This Thang

Junior Jazz- 1st Clap Clap

Junior Tap- 1st Longest Time

Teen Acro- 1st Stairway to Heaven

Teen Ballet- 3rd Heart of Glass

Teen Contemporary- 1st Black Magic Women

Teen Lyrical- 1st Slow Disco

Teen Musical Theater- 1st Bohemian Rhapsody

Teen Tap- 3rd Rock the Casbah

Senior Contemporary- 1st Sleep Walk

Senior Hip-Hop- 3rd Bootywurk

Senior Jazz- 1st Boys


Junior BreakOut Artist Winner- Makena Bauer

Senior Female BreakOut Artist Winner- Taelynn Ritchie

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Isabella Bogh

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Jillian Preston

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Laken Jakabosky

Teen Female BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Tiffany Markovich

Teen Female BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Maila Liebig-Williams

Senior Female BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Emily Quepons

Die Hard Dancer- Kimberly Markovich (Ballet)

Die Hard Dancer- Miley McKinnon (Tap)

Die Hard Dancer- Emma Reed (NUbie)

StandOut in Musical Theater- Carly Jakabosky

StandOut in Musical Theater- Gracie Protzman

StandOut in Musical Theater- Allie Seward-Jenski
StandOut in Musical Theater- Camryn Wileman

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Josie Crawford

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Kloey Klundt

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Nina Kosukha

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Kaitlyn Otis

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Kylie Pepin

StandOut in Jazz & Contemporary- Ella Silverman

StandOut in Ballet- Ashlyn McCubrey

StandOut in Ballet- Oivia Miller

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