Studio Pick- Run

Best NU Groups

Mini- Groove is in the Heart

Teen- Run

Overall Awards

NUbie Solo

Olivia Miller

Mini Solo

3rd Isabella Bogh

4th Makena Bauer

7th Amayah Payton

Mini Duo/Trio

2nd Jump (Amayah Payton/Laken Jakabosky)

Mini Group

1st Groove is in the Heart

3rd Psychosis

Junior Solo

2nd Kylie Pepin

3rd Kylee Aregood

6th Skylar Lind

7th Ashlyn McCubrey

Junior Duo/Trio

1st Strucktura (Kylee Aregood/Kylie Pepin)

Teen Solo

7th Josie Crawford

8th Taelynn Ritchie

8th Hannah Strand

10th Maila Liebig-Williams

10th Aaliyah Payton

Teen Duo/Trio

3rd Hopelessly Hoping (Emily Quepons/Taelynn Ritchie)

Teen Group

2nd Made Me Love

3rd Tipsy

Teen Line

1st Run

2nd Dirty Filthy

Performance Division Awards

Mini/Contemporary- 1st Come As You Are

Mini/Junior Lyrical- 1st Girl on Fire

Teen/Senior Jazz- 1st Dirty Filthy

Teen/Senior Lyrical- 1st Run


Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Isabella Bogh

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Makena Bauer

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Laken Jakabosky

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Kloey Klundt

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Amayah Payton

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Brynn Shasby

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Kylee Aregood

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Reagan Korman

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Ashlyn McCubrey

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Kylie Pepin

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Skylar Lind

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Aaliyah Payton

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Taelynn Ritchie

Senior BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Amanda Murray

StandOut in Musical Theater- Zoe Lewis

StandOut in Tap- Brooke Engelke

StandOut in Tap- Kaitlyn Otis

StandOut in Tap- Gracie Protzman

StandOut in Jazz- Hannah Deal

StandOut in Jazz- Sydney Marshall

StandOut in Jazz - Emily Quepons

StandOut in Jazz- Hannah Strand

StandOut in Ballet- Elsie Davis

StandOut in Hip Hop- Taylor Hartman

StandOut in Hip Hop- Jillian Preston



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