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NUVO Anchorage 2015: Gallery


Studio Pick- Freakum

Best NU Groups

NUbie- Imma Bee

Mini- Girls

Junior- Titanium

Teen- Blood

Open- Freakum

Overall Awards

NUbie Group

1st Imma Bee

Mini Solo

2nd Kylee Aregood

3rd Kylie Pepin

5th Brynn Shasby

6th Ashlyn McCubrey

7th Skylar Lind

Mini Duo/Trio

1st Sacrifice (Kylee Aregood/Aaliyah Payton/Hannah Strand)

2nd Rollin (Makena Bauer/Kylie Pepin/Jillian Preston)

Mini Group

2nd Girls

3rd Once Upon A Dream

Junior Solo

4th Aaliyah Payton

5th Gracie Protzman

6th Hannah Strand

8th Trinity Miller

9th Camryn Wileman

Junior Duo/Trio

2nd One Jump Ahead (Amanda Murray/Skylar Lind)

3rd Connected (Camryn Wileman/Brooke Engelke)

Junior Group

1st Titanium

2nd Devil Inside

3rd Wrecking Ball

Junior Line

2nd Summer Lovin

Junior Extended Line

2nd Beach Party

Teen Solo

3rd Haley Delesline

4th Sophie Weiser

5th Taelynn Ritchie

7th Allie Jepson

8th Kaitlyn Otis

10th Amanda Murray

Teen Duo/Trio

3rd West Coast (Allie Jepson/Taelynn Ritchie)

Senior Solo

5th Mackenzie Garner

Open Group

1st Freakum

2nd Little Lies

3rd Ordinary Love

Performance Division Awards

NUbie Hip-Hop- 1st Imma Bee

Mini/Junior Ballet- 1st Angel Eyes

Mini/Junior Contemporary- 1st Once Upon A Dream

Mini/Junior Lyrical- 1st Titanium

Mini/Junior Musical Theatre- 1st Summer Lovin

Mini/Junior Specialty- 1st Beach Party

Teen/Senior Contemporary- 1st Blood


Mini BreakOut Artist Winner- Kylee Aregood

Teen BreakOut Artist Winner- Taelynn Ritchie

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Brooke Engelke

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Skylar Lind

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Ashlyn McCubrey

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Kylie Pepin

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Brynn Shasby

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Aaliyah Payton

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Haley Delesline

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Allie Jepson

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Taelynn Ritchie

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Sophie Wieser

Diehard Dancer- Camryn Wileman (Tap)

StandOut in Tap- Makena Bauer

StandOut in Tap- Reagan Korman

StandOut in Jazz- Mackenzie Garner

StandOut in Jazz- Amanda Murray

StandOut in Ballet- Maila Liebig-Williams

StandOut in Ballet- Jillian Preston

StandOut in Ballet- Gracie Protzman

StandOut in Hip-Hop- Hannah Strand

StandOut in Hip Hop- Gracie Protzman

NUVO Anchorage 2015: Text
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