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NUVO Anchorage 2014: Gallery


Best NU Groups

Mini- Fireflies

Open- Rule the World

Overall Awards

Mini Group

1st Fireflies

Teen Solo

2nd Allie Jepson

Open Group

1st Rule The World

Performance Division Awards

Mini/Junior Ballet- 1st Fireflies


Junior BreakOut Artist Winner- Haley Delesline

Junior BreakOut Artist Winner- Taelynn Ritchie

Teen BreakOut Artist Winner- Allie Jepson

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Kylee Aregood

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Saelyr Hunt

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Aaliyah Payton

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Hannah Strand

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Amanda Murray

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-Up- Sophie Weiser

Senior BreakOut Artist Runner-up- Myriah Cronin

Diehard Dancer- Camryn Wileman (Tap)

StandOut in Tap- Skylar Lind

StandOut in Jazz- Josie Crawford

StandOut in Jazz- Brooke Engelke

StandOut in Jazz- Ashlyn McCubrey

StandOut in Jazz- Gracie Protzman

StandOut in Ballet- Kylie Pepin

StandOut in Ballet- Jillian Preston

NUVO Anchorage 2014: Text
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