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Studio Pick

Kiss Me Goodbye

Best NU Groups

NUbie Best NU Group- Crazy

Mini Best NU Group- Tomfoolery

Teen Best NU Group- Kiss Me Goodbye

Senior Best NU Group- Tell It To My Heart

Overall High Scores

NUbie Solos

1st Hazel Mackey

Mini Solos

3rd Adelynn Lee

4th Ava Weiss

4th Delaney Ellis

5th Emma Reed

5th MJ Mackey

7th Kensley Jones

8th Mckenna Curry

9th Abigail Jones

9th Kennedy Owens

10th Grace Pohland

10th Liv Taylor

Junior Solos

8th Olivia Miller

10th Zoua Liebig-Williams

Teen Solos

2nd Alyssa Hedin

2nd Kylie Pepin

2nd Ashlyn McCubrey

2nd Makena Bauer

Senior Solos

3rd Maila Liebig-Williams

5th Mckenzie Ormsby

6th Hannah Stieren

7th Nina Kosukha

9th Evelyn Pavlas

NUbie Group

1st Crazy

Mini Group

1st Tomfoolery

2nd Bad Girls

3rd 7 Ate 9

Mini Line

1st A Secret

2nd Barracuda

2nd Snap Yo Fingers

Mini Extended Line

1st Welcome to Munchkinland

Teen Group

1st Kiss Me Goodbye

2nd Knives Out

Teen Line

1st Mercy

1st Wow

3rd Bang Bang

Teen Extended Line

1st Rock Me Amadeus

Senior Group

3rd Tell It To My Heart

Performance Division Awards

NUbie Hip Hop- 1st Place-Crazy

Mini Acro- 1st Place- Barracuda

Mini Ballet- 1st Place- Tomfoolery

Mini Contemporary- 1st Place- A Secret

Mini Hip-Hop- 1st Place- Snap Yo Fingers

Mini Jazz- 1st Place- Bad Girls

Mini Jazz- 2nd Place- Meeting in the Lady Room

Mini Lyrical- 1st Place- I’ll Do Better

Mini Lyrical- 2nd Place- Little Bird

Mini Musical Theatre- 1st Place- Welcome to Munchkinland

Mini Tap- 2nd Place- 7 Ate 9

Mini Tap- 3rd Place Fire

Teen Ballet- 1st Place- Knives Out

Teen Ballroom- 1st Place- Wow

Teen Contemporary- 1st Place- Kiss Me Goodbye

Teen Hip-Hop- 2nd Place- DMX

Teen Jazz- 3rd Place- Peek-a-Boo

Teen Lyrical- 1st Place- Mercy

Teen Lyrical- 2nd Place- Ashes

Teen Specialty- 1st Place- Bang Bang

Teen Tap- 2nd Place- Loser

Senior Jazz- 1st Place- Need You Tonight

Senior Lyrical- 1st Place- Tell It To My Heart


Mini BreakOut Artist Winner

Emma Reed

Ava Weiss

Teen BreakOut Artist Winner

Alyssa Hedin

Ashlyn McCubrey

Makena Bauer

Senior BreakOut Artist Winner

Mckenzie Ormsby

Maila Liebig-Williams

Mini BreakOut Artist Runner-up

Delaney Ellis

Kensley Jones

Adelynn Lee

MJ Mackey

Kennedy Owens

Grace Pohland

Liv Taylor

Junior BreakOut Artist Runner-up

Zoua Liebig-Williams

Miley McKinnon

Olivia Miller

Oona Whitman

Teen BreakOut Artist Runner-up

Kylie Pepin

Senior BreakOut Artist Runner-up

Nina Kosukha

Hannah Stieren

Die Hard Dancer

Mackenzie Sims- NUbie

Abigail Jones- Hip Hop

StandOut in Musical Theatre

Kloey Klundt

StandOut in Tap

Mckenna Curry

Carly Jakabosky

Larkin Kattness

StandOut in Jazz and Contemporary

Laken Jakabosky

Jillian Preston

StandOut in Ballet

Madison Pepin

StandOut in Hip Hop

Zoe Lewis

NUVO Anchorage 2021: Text
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